Friday, October 30, 2015

Aswangs -- Filipino Ghouls, Bogeymen and Creatures of the Night

"Aswang" as depicted in the NBC TV Series Grimm
Whenever halloween comes along, there is no other Filipino (being) that is more popular than the "Aswang".

Every Filipino gathering wouldn't be complete without the mention of one.

"Tik Tik"

For the most part, these beings are mythical creatures but millions of Filipinos throughout recorded history have sworn to them being real, yes even up to this age of the internet and social media, which the Filipinos are king.

Books, movies and tv shows have been made about these fantastic creatures which sometimes goes by the name of "tik tik or "wak wak"". According to stories, these beings are indigenous to the islands of the middle part of the Philippines but there would be tales where they were seen in the southern parts and the lower upper parts of the country. Of course according to some tales (movies and tv shows included) they have also infiltrated many parts of the world.

Shape Shifters

They are for the most part, shape-shifters as they seem to be quite normal and unassuming people in the day time but change into creatures straight out of your wildest dreams or even into wild animals at night.

They are also often depicted as grave robbers or fresh flesh eaters or even ghouls who feast on unborn fetuses -- sucking them from the bellies of unsuspecting sleeping pregnant women.

"Aswangs" are also said to be like witches or other ghouls of Philippine mythology and are often likened to vampires and werewolves rolled into one.

History tells us that even during the Spanish times (1500s to 1800s), stories of the "aswang" have already been widespread. It is also noteworthy to add that we shouldn't get it past those Spanish friars of old to make up these spooky stories to scare the natives, so they would be easier to subjugate or to stop them from having secret meetings or incursions at night.

Anyway, true or not, if you are interested in finding out more about this interesting and uniquely Filipino beings, here is the "aswangs" as depicted by the creators of Grimm the TV Series.

Grimm "The Aswang" -- Mommy Dearest

If those short clips, left you craving for more, then here is a full length documentary made by the "Aswang Project".

"The Aswang Phenomenon" A Documentary

And if you are really into this kind of genre, then here is the accompanying movie that they have made:

"Aswang" Movie (2008)

Filipino Movie

Those who speak Tagalog would have no problem finding several "aswang" movies. Many will remember that since the 1980s, there have been a lot of Filipino movies made which tackle the "aswang" phenomenon, including the ever popular Shake, Rattle and Roll series.

Here is one of the more recent films about these creatures.

"Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" Tagalog Movie (2012)

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