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Trivia: Who is the Most Well Known Filipino?


The Filipinos are the ethnic group native to the 7,100 islands of the Philippines. They now number over 100 million and are the 12th most populous in the world. About 12 million of them are overseas at any given time and about the same number cram into the mega capital city -- Manila.

If you need to know who among these mostly nameless and faceless people is the most well known, then arguably it has to be Manny Pacquiao.

And not only is he probably the most well known, he could also probably be the most well-loved Filipino today, if not of all time.

No doubt, and even if we believe it or not, his legions of fans can attest to that. Unconvinced? Let's check out some of the arguments.

World Class

First, no other Filipino in history could boast of having millions of fans worldwide and to count among them even more famous personalities than himself.

Among his supporters are of course, Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Paris Hilton, Hugh Jackman, Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves and dozens and dozens of other Hollywood celebrities. He has prominent professional athlete admiters, among them, Kobe Bryant, Ronda Rousey, Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow and several past and present boxing and basketball greats. You can also count among his admirers, one-percenters, politicians, singers, dancers, TV personalities, martial artists and a few famous brothers and sisters of his faith.

Future Boxing Hall of Fame

Now if you still haven’t heard of him, then you probably would have been living under a rock. or you just do not know a lot of famous people.

And you probably haven’t heard of Floyd Mayweather either. Let me guess, you probably aren’t a fan of boxing or a fan of the many boxing greats he has taught a lesson with his trademark "Pacquiao style" of boxing. If that is the case, then you could be forgiven.

But really it’s hard not to have heard of Pacman as Manny is affectionately called, as he is a commercial endorser who has numerous TV commercials, he has a movie about his life story, he has been a flag bearer in the Olympics, he was a judge in a Miss Universe pageant, he has appeared in several Jimmy Kimmel TV shows, he has been interviewed in 60 Minutes and has appeared in the cover of Time Magazine and of course of numerous sports magazines.

Segue: The companies of the brand names stitched on the boxing shorts he will wear for his fight with Floyd Mayweather paid him a total of $2.5 million dollars. He was reported to have said, if he could wear long pants, he would.

Larger Than Life

Manny Pacquiao & Freddie Roach
Frederick Nacino, Wikimedia Commons
Anyway Pacman is first and foremost a boxer, he is much more than that. Many people today has compared him to the fictitious Rocky and to the legendary Muhammad Ali but he has transcended them both in reel and real life.

His is a real rags-to-riches story as well as a genuine inspiration to dreamers everywhere and to anybody wanting to achieve the impossible or just to better themselves and help those around them.

Fight of the Century

His career as a boxer is near the end but of course millions of boxing fans worldwide are hoping this is not the case.

Undoubtedly whatever happens on May 2, 2015 could greatly determine what happens next for Manny. On this day, he and the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. wil finally meet in the square ring -- some say for the fight of the century. But whatever the outcome, boxing fans everywhere would love at least one rematch.

Man Who Wears Many Hats

What Manny has accomplished as a boxer is probably enough for five lifetimes but a match with Money (as Floyd is known) would be the cherry on top.

As I’ve said Manny’s life as a boxer is ending as he has undoubtedly moved on to much “bigger” things all at the same time.

He is a professional basketball coach, player and team owner, he is a preacher, a businessman, an honorary member of the Boston Celtics -- yes he just loves basketball as much as he loves boxing. It was rumored that he was late to one of his boxing matches because he had to finish watching a game being played by his beloved Celtics. (Preparing for the Algieri fight, he was even playing professional basketball.)

He is also a commercial model, a recording artist, a TV and movie actor, a philanthropist, a politician and a family man.

Manny Pacquiao Movie

These "segues" have taken the edge out of being the fighter that he once was.  


The result, he lost for the first time in more than seven years (or after 15 straight) in March of 2012, which was followed by another loss by knockout no less in December of the same year.

A devastating lost, he probably needed to put his head and his heart back into fighting.

Boxing Career

To date, he is the first and the only boxer to have won eight different weight division titles. He has won a total of ten world boxing titles and he was a lineal champion in four different weight classes.

According to Forbes, in 2014, he was the 11th highest paid athlete in the world. In, 2013 he was the 14th. He was second in 2012 and 2011. He was eighth in 2010 and sixth in 2009.

He was ranked in Forbes Magazine’s Annual World's 100 Most Powerful Celebrities, three different years.

He is the highest placed Asian in the World's Richest Athletes All-Time List.

Power, Prestige, Pesos

Still unconvinced?

He is so powerful that whenever he fights anywhere in the world, the entire archipelago of the Philippines seems to stand still and the crime rate is practically zero.

Not sure if any Filipino or anybody else in the world for that matter could do something similar.

Thrilla In Manila Video

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