About Notable Filipinos

Notable Filipinos (Past and Present)

Filipinos are now over 100 million strong, mostly packed like sardines within their nation's 7,100 Islands with a total land area the size of the State of Arizona (population about 7 milion).

It's no wonder, every single day a considerably large number of Filipinos go overseas; migrating, intermarrying , studying, performing, doing business, working, teaching, caring, travelling, shopping, social networking and whatever ever else they do best.

They're everywhere but quite invisible, in fact they are among the most inconspicuous people you would ever meet. They could easily adapt to their environment making them even harder to notice.

Overseas, they mostly keep to themselves. They are generally shy, reserved, humorous and sought after by employers because they are efficient, trainable, follow instructions, hardworking, tactful, tender-hearted and are a God fearing people. And yes they are all over the planet, land, air and the sea.