Friday, August 7, 2015

Filipinos -- World's Craziest Basketball Fans

7'6" Yao Ming knocks out 5"6' Pacquiao  #FIBAWC
The Philippines Loses Bid to Host FIBA World Cup of Basketball 2019

Even though the Philippines boasts as being home to the craziest basketballs fans in the planet, they still lost in their bid to host the next World Cup of Basketball to China.

This will be China's first time to host the FIBA WC, the Philippines hosted one back in 1978 when they then had the largest coliseum in the world.

Today, the Philippines has since built many other venues and again is home to the biggest indoor basketball arena in the world, one that could sit 55,000. They also boast of a few other other world class indoor arenas and they were so ready for this world cup.

Watch their final petition here:

Lou Diamond Phillips, Manny Paquiao, Jimmy Alapag, Chot Reyes

Yes, as in who could have turned that down?

But no, it wasn't meant to be and people all over the world could only speculate as to what could have been.

Authentic Love for the Sport

Because these crazy Filipinos do not need to "manufacture"anything, their hearts beat basketball, it was their time, like no other time. The Philippines didn't need much of anything else, when they have the greatest and most die-hard fans in the planet.

To give you an idea of how basketball crazy Filipinos are, like in the USA, they also have three professional sports seasons in one year -- but unlike in the US, they are all played in the basketball court (no pro soccer, no pro baseball, no pro American football, volleyball, cricket or anything else) -- just basketball, all year round.

Worldwide Online and Out

100 million plus basketball crazy fans within their 7,100 islands. Tens of millions of other "kababayans" all over the world at any given time, people who would most likely buy FIBA merchandise, welcome the players like no other would, and virtually heat up social media and boost the sport like no other nation can -- they are among the top (if not the top) social media users in the world.

And who could forget this Fox Sports Film about the FIlipinos' hope, determination and resilience and their uncommon Love for Basketball.

But no, we just hope that this isn't anything like what has happened at FIFA.

This Isn't Over

Philippine basketball fans have a never-say-die attitude. They would root for their team no matter what. And they would still be fans through thick and thin.

But one thing I do know, these fans would just want to know who were the countries who voted for the Philippines' bid, so that 100 million basketball crazy Filipinos would be able to salute them and say thanks.

But then again, most would probably be more interested in knowing who were those who didn't vote for them.

Let the games begin.

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